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Today we have added a new outfit to our shop - Arena Champion. The price is 1000 points.

Promotion! Over the next 48h (until Thursday 19:00) it is possible to obtain Blazebringer and Ursagrodon mounts from a Mystery Box! We would like to invite you to participate in this promotion!

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- We have updated poison condition attacks of:
abyssal calamary, elder mummy, ghoulish hyaena, sacred spider, crawler, grave robber, mamma longlegs, wiggler, lizard snakecharmer, crystal spider, scorpion, gorgo, the old widow, the bloodweb, fazzrah, hide, the noxious spawn, fleshcrawler, deathbine, bruise payne, ribstride, necropharus, esmeralda, zanakeph, tiquandas revenge, white pale, shlorg, weakened shlorg, the voice of ruin, yaga the crone, battlemaster zunzu, the blightfather, annihilon, countess sorrow, the plasmother, latrivan, ferumbras, the handmaiden, dracola, splasher, zulazza the corruptor, chizzoron the distorter, carniphila, spit nettle, earth elemental, jagged earth elemental, muddy earth elemental, pirate ghost, ancient scarab, gravedigger, wilting leaf golem, shadow pupil, nightmare, plaguesmith, glooth blob, blood beast, glooth anemone, serpent spawn, wyvern, medusa, ogre shaman, the keeper, dreadbeast, heoni, undead dragon, bonebeast, ancient scarab, necropharus, the old widow, acolyte of the cult, dwarf henchman, necromancer, brimstone bug, mutated bat, water elemental, lizard chosen, horestis

- We have added bleeding condition attacks to:
guzzlemaw, noble lion, gloom wolf, ocyakao, blood priest, blood hand, vampire viscount, minotaur amazon, minotaur hunter, ogre savage

- We have updated loot of:
pirate skeleton, dipthrah, omruc, ashmunrah, mahrdis, thalas, vashresamun, rahemos, morguthis

- We have fixed a pz bug in Oramond.

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- We have fixed the chance to hit of distance weapons. Characters with high skill level had 100% chance to hit a creature despite chosen weapon.
- We have fixed attacks of: Guzzlemaw (missing bleeding condition), Choking Fear (missing drown condition).
- NPC Karith received kick command and NPC Captain Cookie teleports to correct ship in Liberty Bay now :)

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- We have fixed armor of almost 250 creatures (based on info from
- We have fixed creatures' behaviour when walking on the smallest fire fields which doesn't deal damage. They will be ignoring them now.
- We have fixed the formula of Divine Missile attack (now it's 100% like RL).
- We have fixed NPC Alesar's offer - from now on he also buys enchanted weapons.
- NPC Paulie on Rookgaard is buying and selling pearls again :)
- We have fixed some pz bugs on map. We have added a missing part of the map (little spawn) in south-eastern part of Oramond.

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Another update on Hexera. Here's the list of changes:
- We have fixed spawns in Formorgar Mines and Bandits on Oramond.
- We have blocked possibility of trashing depot lockers in a few towns (Oramond, Gray Island, Roshamuul, Krailos).
- We have fixed displaying an icon for creatures which were convinced with a rune.
- We have added information about IP ban time left while trying to log in if a person typed wrong password too many times.
- We have fixed curse - the last tick of a curse currently deals random damage (between 1% to 120% of last damage). Previously curses were dealing maximum damage in the last tick.

- We have fixed loot of tens of bosses:
Lersatio, Battlemaster Zunzu, Hairman the Huge, The Blightfather, The Evil Eye, The Old Whopper, Xenia, Yaga the Crone, Golgordan, Grorlam, The Handmaiden, Hellgorak, Latrivan, Lord of the Elements, Madareth, Marziel, Massacre, Mr. Punish, Munster, Rotworm Queen, The Abomination, The Handmaiden, The Imperor, The Plasmother, Ushuriel, Yakchal, Zarabustor, Zugurosh.

- we have fixed attacks/loot of the following creatures:
Breach Brood, Dread Intruder, Instable Breach Brood, Instable Sparkion, Stabilizing Dread Intruder, Stabilizing Reality Reaver, Massive Earth Elemental, Azerus, Rift Brood, Rift Scythe

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