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Today we have added another boss from Ferumbras Ascendant Quest - Plagirath. To reach him you must fight much easier boss first - The lord of the Lice. Good luck!

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Soon we will update Hexera to a newer version. Because of this we would like to know your opinion about 4 aspects of the game. Please vote in the polls which will be availabe until 3rd May 22:00:
Would you like us to add anti-luring system? Creatures would be automatically returning to their spawning point after some time.
Would you like creatures to spawn even if there is a player on the screen.
In 10.92 version new potions were introduced. Would you like us to add them to the game?
Would you like us to add global depot to all towns on Hexera?

Rules change
With the server save on 3rd May 2016 we will increase penalty for abusing mc limit (by using VPNs etc.) from 30 days to 90 days. In case a character is caught for the second time banishment will be changed from 60 days to 180 days. Intentional and frequent bypassing of mc limit might also get player's main account banished for 60 days and 180 for the second time he gets caught.

Screeny #38

Sdwczolo Spisz Wesolo

(Featured screenshot, player wins a Crimson Ray mount)

Najlepszy Bloker

(Featured screenshot, player wins a Crimson Ray mount)

Bezkarny Exp


Keep Kuwazz

King Arthanz

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Today we have added PVP arenas! They can be used by guilds and there are a few battle options available. It is possible to fight without UE, beams and waves only with SD runes. At the moment we have 3 arenas available: Thais, Vengoth and desert map. We are waiting for your feedback about next arenas which you would prefer to have.

More informations about the arenas can be found here: Areny PVP

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421 players have bought at least 1 lottery ticket. Overall, 37431 lottery tickets have been sold! Below we present 10 players who bought the most lottery tickets and won 10 anniversary tokens!

Ikea Korv - 3000 tickets
Supersoaker - 2200 tickets
Aka Puppets - 2000 tickets
Awesome Hubson - 1670 tickets
Svensk - 1540 tickets
Makkan - 1520 tickets
Tenka - 1502 tickets
Magic'Haze - 1130 tickets
Striker Legends - 1100 tickets
Charlovercok - 1012 tickets

The drawing will take place at 20:00 CEST on south of Asylum. Don't miss it!

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On April 25th at 14:00 CEST will be celebrating Hexera's first anniversary! Many doubted that this project will last 12 months however we made it and we hope to celebrate even more anniversaries in the future! Thank you for choosing Hexera! You are the best!

Besides the lottery mentioned in previous news we have prepared a few other events. The fun will start on Monday at the same time Hexera came to life at 14:00 CEST!

Seek and destroy!
From 14:00 CEST every 10 minutes until 1:00 CEST we will be spawning a magic statue on Hexera map. Your mission is to find and destroy it by clicking "use". To make this task easier we will be also giving you a hint about the location of statues. We will also let you know when a statue has been found. Each destroyed statue will give you 6 anniversary tokens. We will spawn 65 statues during the event.

At 14:00 CEST we will start our anniversary party! It is up to you how many prizes will be given during this event. Get required party items: party hat and party trumpet from NPC Stan or NPC Rashid! Use them once every 10 seconds to keep the Hexera party going! Every 1000 uses we will draw 3 anniversary tokens for one player participating in the party. The party will be on until 1:00 CEST!

At 20:00 CEST we will draw winners in our lottery. The lottery will take place in southern part of Asylum :) Please keep in mind that you can buy lottery tickets only until 7:00 CEST on Monday! To claim the prize a player must be online during the drawing!

To arms!
At 21:00 CEST the world of Hexera will be invaded by Gaz'haragoth. Prepare yourself for a big fight... if you dare.

Have you managed to get an anniversary token? Quickly go to southern Asylum and draw you prize!

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