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Tomorrow we will add the highly anticipated by many of you Heart of Destruction quest, which will let you encounter powerful bosses hidden in depths of the Otherworld. This quest makes it also possible to unlock new mounts, find new items and weapons which can be upgraded at NPC Yana.

In the same update we will also add imbuing. It is a system of enchanting items which provides possibility of improving equipment by adding bonuses. Detailed informations and list of imbuable items can be found on this page:

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Tomorrow, on Saturday, we start our anniversary party! Check out what we have prepared for you!

Seek and destroy!
From 14:00 CEST every 10 minutes until 1:00 CEST we will be spawning a magic statue on Hexera map. Your mission is to find and destroy it by clicking "use". To make this task easier we will be also giving you a hint about the location of statues. We will also let you know when a statue has been found. Each destroyed statue will give you 6 anniversary tokens. We will spawn 65 statues during the event.

At 14:00 CEST we will start our anniversary party! It is up to you how many prizes will be given during this event. Get required party items: party hat and party trumpet from NPC Stan in Venore! Use them once every 10 seconds to keep the Hexera party going! Every 1000 uses we will draw 3 anniversary tokens for one player participating in the party. The party will be on until 1:00 CEST!

To arms!
Between 18:00 and 22:00 CEST the world of Hexera will be invaded by Gaz'haragoth. Prepare yourself for a big fight... if you dare.

Have you managed to get an anniversary token? Quickly go to southern Asylum and draw you prize!

Sunday update
New feature and quest. Two long-awaited things on Hexera will be added on Sunday :smiley: More info tomorrow!

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On April 25, 2015 Hexera has started. Today it is April 25, 2017 and the server is celebrating it's second anniversary while looking even better than a year ago! Over the last year we have introduced more than 60 various updates and the number of players online on our server has increased by almost a half to even 1400! Thank you all for choosing Hexera and making the server great together! We promise not to slow down and surprise you even more in the future! This year we decided to start anniversary events on Saturday when significantly more players have time for them. Additionally on Sunday we will perform a huge server update which you will surely enjoy! Details will be posted on Thursday. Make yourself available on Saturday and Sunday! It will be worth it :-)

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Speed Hack

(Featured screenshot, player wins a Shadow Draptor mount)

Gral Ternsenzen

(Featured screenshot, player wins a Shadow Draptor mount)

Fruj Ii

Iwill Push You


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On 27th April the server save will take over a dozen minutes longer. During this time we will perform server maintenance which will free names from inactive characters and reduce the size of game's database.
Because of this we will be removing:
- characters with 1 or 8 lvl never logged in.
- characters with level below 50 which haven't been online over the last 12 months.
- accounts which had no activity (no characters, no shop points).

If you have a character or account which meets these requirements and you wouldn't like to lose it - log it in to the game!

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