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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.8
- We have fixed over a dozen map bugs on new areas.
- We have fixed spawns on almost all new areas.

We have lowered damage dealt by the following creatures:
- Forest FUry
- Deepling Spellsinger
- Draken Spellwaver
- Serpent Spawn
- Dark Magician

We have added a new outfit and 6 new mounts to our shop:
- Seaweaver Outfit
- Sea Devil
- Plumfish
- Coralripper
- Chained Kongra (3 various graphics)

NPC Grizzly Adams, Gnomission and Rashid are buying new items:
- Grizzly Adams: werebadger trophy, wereboar trophy oraz werebear trophy.
- Gnomission: Blue Rose, Mucus Plug, Orichalcum Pearl, Pet Pig, Silver Rune Emblem (explosion, hmm, sd, uh), statue of abyssador/deathstrike/devovorga/gnomevil, trophy of jaul/obujos/tanjis
Rashid: - Rashid: Albino Plate, Goo Shell, Griffin Shield, Oriental Shoes, Pharaoh Banner, Horn (ring), Model Ship

NPC Jorge changes 20 silver tokens into new items: Phoenix Statue, Noble Sword, Dragon Eye.

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We are finishing 10.8 update and will be adding it to our server tomorrow, on Tuesday 28/07 7:00 (server save). Please, read this post to prepare for upcoming update.

If you are using Tibia Loader ( - the 10.8 client has been already added to the program, just download it and change tomorrow client version of Hexera to 10.8.

If you are using our own client please download the new one from here: (Don't wait until we change the protocol version! Download it now :-))

If you are using old magic walls patch, please download the new one from here, and copy it to the Tibia 1080 directory:

Warning for WINDOWS XP users
It came to our attention that Tibia 10.8 doesn't work with Windows XP service pack 2. You will have to download and install Windows XP service pack 3 in order to play Tibia 10.8.

How long will it take to patch the server?
We will patch the server after the morning server-save. It will take no more than 30 minutes.

What are we adding?
- Almost 20 new hunting places from Tibia 10.8!
- New outfits & mounts.
- New items & monsters.
- Minor changes (new items sellable to NPCs)

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(Featured screenshot, player wins an Armoured War Horse mount)

Dimetylo Tryptamina

(Featured screenshot, player wins an Armoured War Horse mount)

Afk Atm

Bonnie Bennet



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- We have fixed damage dealt with the following spells: Annihilation, Berserk, Brutal Strike, Fierce Berserk, Front Sweep, Groundshaker, Whirlwind Throw in case if a weapon had bonus elemental damage (e.g. Fire Sword).
- We have changed minimum level requirement for Massive Team Battle from 100 to 125 level.
- We have added 2 more MTB events on Monday at 21:00 and Thursday at 21:00 specially for those who can't join it earlier.

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(Featured screenshot, player wins a Shadow Draptor mount)


(Featured screenshot, player wins a Shadow Draptor mount)

Awesome Paralize

Dead Can Dance


Mr Shadow

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