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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Akatsuki Squad

Guild 100% Latina creada para hacer quest y amistades hunts y apoyo mutuo entre los miembros y amigos.(NO PVP) Si deseas unirte, eres bienvenido. Avisar a los Leader o a los Vice-Leader para poder invitarte. TS3 OPCIONAL

The guild was found on Hexera on November 19 2016.
It is led by Harley Quiiinn.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Madara Leader Codrington (ANBU) 320 Elite Knight
Harley Quiiinn (ANBU) 349 Elder Druid
Turiru (Jonin) 283 Royal Paladin
Uchiha Obito Kelly Kelly (Chunin) 239 Master Sorcerer
Lord Nigax (Jonin) 293 Elite Knight
Member Elite Legolas (ANBU) 298 Elite Knight
Kakuzu, Hidan Santoy (Chunin) 228 Elite Knight
Pulido (Genin) 197 Elite Knight
Sirakx (Chunin) 215 Elite Knight
Liibby Dee (Jonin) 264 Elite Knight
Pinkwheel (Chunin) 230 Elite Knight
Fuok (Chunin) 206 Elite Knight
Vars Uchiha (Chunin) 188 Elite Knight
Konan, Setzu Homies (ANBU) 326 Elder Druid
Mago De Oz (Jonin) 255 Elder Druid
Liibby Deex (Genin) 116 Druid
Kisame, Uchiha Rousing Manx (Chunin) 207 Master Sorcerer
Puma Negro (Jonin) 278 Master Sorcerer
La Maga (Jonin) 246 Master Sorcerer
Liiibby Dee (Genin) 160 Sorcerer
Sasori, Deidara Royal Duplixyti (Chunin) 226 Royal Paladin
Alijose (Chunin) 233 Royal Paladin
Wakawaka (ANBU) 301 Royal Paladin
Neyneyney (ANBU) 325 Royal Paladin
Royal Artois (Jonin) 260 Royal Paladin
Daniel Alex Cepeda (Jonin) 254 Royal Paladin
Cacha (Genin) 197 Royal Paladin

Number of Members in Guild:27
Number of online Members in Guild:5
Average level in Guild:248
Highest level in Guild: Harley Quiiinn [349]
Lowest level in Guild: Liibby Deex [116]
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