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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100
Character Information
Name: Borek From Trade
Sex: Male
Profession: Master Sorcerer
Level: 195
Residence: Venore
Last login: 16.03.2017, 8:08 pm
Created: 18.04.2016, 3:28 pm

Last Experience
DateExperienceReal Experience
21/03 7:00 - 22/03 7:00 0 exp. ---
20/03 7:00 - 21/03 7:00 0 exp. ---
19/03 7:00 - 20/03 7:00 0 exp. ---
18/03 7:00 - 19/03 7:00 0 exp. ---
17/03 7:00 - 18/03 7:00 0 exp. ---
16/03 7:00 - 17/03 7:00 0 exp. ---
15/03 7:00 - 16/03 7:00 0 exp. ---
rexp - it shows experience unmultiplied by exp rate (it is like killing monsters with 1x multiplier)

Character Deaths
January 5, 2017, 11:04 pm Borek From Trade died on level 195 by Kubson, Kembo Of Darkness, Ahbahsdhaha, Paranoja and Vihereix.
January 5, 2017, 10:19 pm Borek From Trade died on level 196 by Impertifian Renioz, Nassal, Toruk Daen, Peguinho Tanketa, Zwaranayne Serious, Dargor De Calcinha and Borek From Trade.
January 2, 2017, 10:44 pm Borek From Trade died on level 197 by San Salvador, Piechtolot, Kierownik, Fira, Vandarous, Asuashaha Aleti Muhhamed, Dzida W Teren, Gedou, Mr Winner and Rerw.
December 27, 2016, 11:03 pm Borek From Trade died on level 198 by Malcolm Merlym, King Jack, Ahbahsdhaha, Lesiek, Impunity, Pekierson, Wale Z Sd, I Siadasz, Ciupek Ed, Sweet De Nuker, Hardkorowy Krystian, Kamikadze Joee, Yerycho Junior and Paranoja.
December 27, 2016, 10:45 pm Borek From Trade died on level 199 by Pablo Escobar Cocaine'Lord, Impunity, Taste Of Blood, Wapter, Lesiek, Guliwer and Kamikadze Joee.

1. Mepola 8 Sorcerer Offline

Player quests done (all): 3.72%
Player MAIN quests done: 4.02%
Other quests done: 1.69%
Achievements done: 1/46
Engran secrets revealed: 0/31
Quests informations are updated every 3 hours

Main Quests - Detailed informations
Dreamer's Challange rank: no rank
Faction rank: no rank
Postman rank: no rank
Gnomegate rank: no rank
Fame in The Spike: 0
Greenhorn ArenaUnfinished
Scrapper ArenaUnfinished
Warlord ArenaUnfinished
Banshee QuestUnfinished
Behemoth QuestUnfinished
Black Knight QuestUnfinished
Bright Sword QuestUnfinished
Crystal Wand QuestUnfinished
Deeper Fibula QuestUnfinished
Demon Helmet QuestUnfinished
Demon Oak QuestUnfinished
Desert QuestUnfinished
Double Hero QuestUnfinished
Dreamer's ChallengeUnfinished
Circle Room QuestUnfinished
Dwarven Armor QuestUnfinished
Elemental Spheres QuestUnfinished
Ferumbras Ascendant QuestUnfinished
Fire Axe QuestUnfinished
Firewalker Boots QuestUnfinished
Geomancer QuestUnfinished
Inquisition QuestUnfinished
In search of truth (Heliar Quest)Unfinished
In Service Of YalaharUnfinished
Koshei The Deathless QuestUnfinished
Mad Mage QuestUnfinished
Naginata QuestUnfinished
Necromancer QuestUnfinished
Noble Armor QuestUnfinished
Orc Fortress QuestUnfinished
Paradox TowerUnfinished
Postman QuestUnfinished
Royal RescueUnfinished
Sea of Light QuestUnfinished
The Pits of InfernoFinished
Vampire Shield QuestUnfinished
Wrath of the EmperorUnfinished

Beginner Award!
Date awarded: 18/04/2016 15:29

Beginner Award!
This is your first badge. Welcome and enjoy your stay on our server!
Date awarded: 18/04/2016
280993 out of 296137 players (94.89%) earned this award!
Gladiator Award!
Kill all opponents in Svargrond Arenas to get this award.
9401 out of 296137 players (3.17%) earned this award!
Broke Award!
Break 500 piggy-banks to get this badge!
435 out of 296137 players (0.15%) earned this award!
Exhausted Award!
Use 10000 mana potions to get this award!
29097 out of 296137 players (9.83%) earned this award!
Dragon Slayer Award!
Kill 10000 dragons to get this award!
3613 out of 296137 players (1.22%) earned this award!
Tomb Raider Award!
Finish Ancient Tombs Quest to get this award!
866 out of 296137 players (0.29%) earned this award!
Archpostman Award!
Finish Postman Quest to get this award!
1128 out of 296137 players (0.38%) earned this award!
Yalaharian Award!
Kill Azerus to get this award!
4789 out of 296137 players (1.62%) earned this award!

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