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Character Information
Name: Paranoja
Position: Senior Tutor
Sex: Female
Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 345
Residence: Roshamuul
Last login: 21.02.2017, 10:53 am
Created: 19.04.2015, 1:38 pm
Comment: Nie zajmuje sie handlem w grze
I dont help with characters sales

Last Experience
DateExperienceReal Experience
20/02 7:00 - 21/02 7:00 0 exp. ---
19/02 7:00 - 20/02 7:00 0 exp. ---
18/02 7:00 - 19/02 7:00 0 exp. ---
17/02 7:00 - 18/02 7:00 0 exp. ---
16/02 7:00 - 17/02 7:00 0 exp. ---
15/02 7:00 - 16/02 7:00 0 exp. ---
14/02 7:00 - 15/02 7:00 0 exp. ---
rexp - it shows experience unmultiplied by exp rate (it is like killing monsters with 1x multiplier)

Character Deaths
January 17, 2017, 11:31 pm Paranoja died on level 346 by Chuk, Kembo Of Darkness, Unceltius, Spejsonnnn, Furion, Siranexia, Cho Na Walke, Dzi Aj Dzooo, Vihereix, Sassy Girl, Daila, Lyre, Kixner, Vaarbeerg, Vashila and Jev.
January 13, 2017, 1:28 am Paranoja died on level 348 by Anakin Skywallker, Ms Punishment, fire elemental of Asmitta, Awesome Andres, Krylerz Da Paramax, Zwaranayne Serious, Poswiecony Lakra, Terrible Karlsson and Royal Moquito.
January 6, 2017, 11:35 pm Paranoja died on level 349 by Czewik Krulerpegie, Double Penetration, Legend Smyk Aldora, Neska, Pod Parasolempije Cole, Mayor Kumpel, Legendary Shane, Can'T Sleep, Agressya Escape Plan, Tiiastes, Full Bezkarny Hard, Nieprzytomny From Hell, Tytanowy Lucek, Kembo Of Darkness and Otagowalem Sciane Placzu.
January 5, 2017, 11:10 pm Paranoja died on level 350 by Otagowalem Sciane Placzu, Petoss, Lomaxik, Royal Lumine, Full Bezkarny Bercik, Neska, Tytanowy Damianek, Keep Script, Pod Parasolempije Cole, Full Bezkarny Zbyszek, Araun, Rudy Panicz, Bezkarny Orzel Ajee, Can'T Sleep, Nieprzytomny From Hell and Tauzzen.
December 28, 2016, 10:04 pm Paranoja died on level 352 by Neska, Landryneek, Ciastko Z Haszem, Kocopol Sotep, Vinox Legenda, Full Bezkarny Zbyszek, Full Bezkarny Bercik, Full Bezkarny Nieprzytomny, Wasi, Azulim, Paralyze Not Found, Dani Banks, Tauzzen, Maggie, Hela Z Izraela and Pod Parasolempije Cole.
December 28, 2016, 9:37 pm Paranoja died on level 353 by Szesnascie, Reverse Frontliner, Pod Parasolempije Cole, Petoss, Pogromca Dziewiic, Luj Wszechczasow, Ciastko Z Haszem, Azulim, Tauzzen, Dani Banks, Karq Nur, Tytanowy Lucek, Full Bezkarny Zbyszek, Herolord, Evil Kafrak and Can'T Sleep.
December 26, 2016, 1:07 pm Paranoja died on level 354 by Nowariann, Malcolm Merlym, Tytanowy Rafalek, Mvp Midas, Adi Jak Alfons, Sir Zeus, Imitator, Xoo, Shikatekume, Szklany' Penisek, Mama Madzi and lost thrower.
December 25, 2016, 11:10 pm Paranoja died on level 356 by Valerion Tekis, Jungle Garden, Suuole, Barbra Streisand, Cannabis Fanatic, Azulim, Keep Script, Zbyszek Pvp Master, Balu Killer, Mortos Der Robaalmas, Pod Parasolempije Cole, Little Pancrasio, Therrax, Chingutumadre Thaderm, Astus Ciastus and Jake Malaxa.
December 25, 2016, 10:29 pm Paranoja died on level 357 by Azulim, Hcked Kaitovic, Akayev Hexera, Petoss, Sanki, Vihereix, Cannabis Fanatic, Can'T Sleep, Dust Druid, Therrax, Shikatekume, Herolord, Mvp Midas, Luj Wszechczasow, Astus Ciastus and Valerion Tekis.
December 25, 2016, 11:35 am Paranoja died on level 358 by fury, fury and fury.

Player quests done (all): 90.81%
Player MAIN quests done: 100%
Other quests done: 28.81%
Achievements done: 30/46
Engran secrets revealed: 17/31
Quests informations are updated every 3 hours

Main Quests - Detailed informations
Dreamer's Challange rank: Dread Lord
Faction rank: Lord of Merchants
Postman rank: Arch Postman
Gnomegate rank: Rank IV (6830 rep.)
Fame in The Spike: 0
Greenhorn ArenaFinished
Scrapper ArenaFinished
Warlord ArenaFinished
Banshee QuestFinished
Behemoth QuestFinished
Black Knight QuestFinished
Bright Sword QuestFinished
Crystal Wand QuestFinished
Deeper Fibula QuestFinished
Demon Helmet QuestFinished
Demon Oak QuestFinished
Desert QuestFinished
Double Hero QuestFinished
Dreamer's ChallengeFinished
Circle Room QuestFinished
Dwarven Armor QuestFinished
Elemental Spheres QuestFinished
Ferumbras Ascendant QuestFinished
Fire Axe QuestFinished
Firewalker Boots QuestFinished
Geomancer QuestFinished
Inquisition QuestFinished
In search of truth (Heliar Quest)Finished
In Service Of YalaharFinished
Koshei The Deathless QuestFinished
Mad Mage QuestFinished
Naginata QuestFinished
Necromancer QuestFinished
Noble Armor QuestFinished
Orc Fortress QuestFinished
Paradox TowerFinished
Postman QuestFinished
Royal RescueFinished
Sea of Light QuestFinished
The Pits of InfernoFinished
Vampire Shield QuestFinished
Wrath of the EmperorFinished

Human Wall Award!
Date awarded: 06/06/2016 17:06
Dwarven Ally Award!
Date awarded: 02/06/2016 15:03
Miner Award!
Date awarded: 01/06/2016 12:46
Reptile Award!
Date awarded: 01/06/2016 10:52
Defender Award!
Date awarded: 02/04/2016 12:44
Best Kisser Award!
Date awarded: 29/03/2016 01:02
Renewer Award!
Date awarded: 17/03/2016 13:01
Botanist Award!
Date awarded: 04/02/2016 01:54
Elite Member Award!
Date awarded: 21/12/2015 12:13
Treasure Seeker Award!
Date awarded: 05/12/2015 15:07

Peaceful Fighter Award!
Date awarded: 17/11/2015 18:41
Tomb Raider Award!
Date awarded: 12/11/2015 10:55
Boosted Award!
Date awarded: 01/11/2015 11:46
Socialite Award!
Date awarded: 01/11/2015 09:15
Lucky Beggar Award!
Date awarded: 31/10/2015 16:38
Broke Award!
Date awarded: 23/10/2015 14:20
Action Man Award!
Date awarded: 19/10/2015 14:36
Archpostman Award!
Date awarded: 19/10/2015 02:01
Dreamer Award!
Date awarded: 30/09/2015 13:29
Petrologist Award!
Date awarded: 15/09/2015 21:36

Inquisitor Award!
Date awarded: 07/09/2015 13:37
Passenger Award!
Date awarded: 21/06/2015 01:25
Gladiator Award!
Date awarded: 19/06/2015 15:53
Emperor Award!
Date awarded: 02/06/2015 19:47
Carnivore Award!
Date awarded: 30/05/2015 19:20
Gambler Award!
Date awarded: 21/05/2015 13:43
Yalaharian Award!
Date awarded: 16/05/2015 07:15
Exhausted Award!
Date awarded: 10/05/2015 16:13
Master of Elements Award!
Date awarded: 09/05/2015 00:24
Beginner Award!
Date awarded: 25/04/2015 14:03

Action Man Award!
You're not only powerful but also well-informed!
Date awarded: 19/10/2015
927 out of 286214 players (0.32%) earned this award!
Archpostman Award!
Your help for Royal Tibia Mail was not in vain.
Date awarded: 19/10/2015
1062 out of 286214 players (0.37%) earned this award!
Beginner Award!
This is your first badge. Welcome and enjoy your stay on our server!
Date awarded: 25/04/2015
271515 out of 286214 players (94.86%) earned this award!
Best Kisser Award!
Nobody kisses better than you!
Date awarded: 29/03/2016
391 out of 286214 players (0.14%) earned this award!
Boosted Award!
They are not tasty but very powerful.
Date awarded: 01/11/2015
317 out of 286214 players (0.11%) earned this award!
Botanist Award!
You have a valuable knowledge about dangerous flowers.
Date awarded: 04/02/2016
230 out of 286214 players (0.08%) earned this award!
Broke Award!
You run out of money... again.
Date awarded: 23/10/2015
404 out of 286214 players (0.14%) earned this award!
Carnivore Award!
Your strength obviously didn't grow out of vegetables!
Date awarded: 30/05/2015
10858 out of 286214 players (3.79%) earned this award!
Defender Award!
You did not allow orcs to settle close to humans.
Date awarded: 02/04/2016
193 out of 286214 players (0.07%) earned this award!
Dreamer Award!
It was a long and exhausting lucid dream!
Date awarded: 30/09/2015
1636 out of 286214 players (0.57%) earned this award!
Dwarven Ally Award!
You gained trust and respect by helping dwarves.
Date awarded: 02/06/2016
765 out of 286214 players (0.27%) earned this award!
Elite Member Award!
You showed your loyalty!
Date awarded: 21/12/2015
189 out of 286214 players (0.07%) earned this award!
Emperor Award!
You helped the resistance prevail!
Date awarded: 02/06/2015
3271 out of 286214 players (1.14%) earned this award!
Exhausted Award!
You surely know, that magic potions always come in handy.
Date awarded: 10/05/2015
27720 out of 286214 players (9.69%) earned this award!
Gambler Award!
It's always a good time to play a game!
Date awarded: 21/05/2015
2287 out of 286214 players (0.8%) earned this award!
Gladiator Award!
You earned respect by defeating all your opponents in Svargrond arena tournaments.
Date awarded: 19/06/2015
9025 out of 286214 players (3.15%) earned this award!
Human Wall Award!
You are a real destroyer.
Date awarded: 06/06/2016
839 out of 286214 players (0.29%) earned this award!
Inquisitor Award!
Joining the inquisition was the right decision. The evil is no match for you now!
Date awarded: 07/09/2015
3259 out of 286214 players (1.14%) earned this award!
Lucky Beggar Award!
You would find a four-leaf clover in a desert.
Date awarded: 31/10/2015
611 out of 286214 players (0.21%) earned this award!
Master of Elements Award!
Even all combined elements are just a minor danger for you.
Date awarded: 09/05/2015
1145 out of 286214 players (0.4%) earned this award!
Miner Award!
Mining is something you could do for living.
Date awarded: 01/06/2016
391 out of 286214 players (0.14%) earned this award!
Passenger Award!
Walking is not an option for you.
Date awarded: 21/06/2015
4750 out of 286214 players (1.66%) earned this award!
Peaceful Fighter Award!
Sparring is fun!
Date awarded: 17/11/2015
155 out of 286214 players (0.05%) earned this award!
Petrologist Award!
Those rocks are not so solid!
Date awarded: 15/09/2015
1110 out of 286214 players (0.39%) earned this award!
Renewer Award!
You would never let them rot.
Date awarded: 17/03/2016
439 out of 286214 players (0.15%) earned this award!
Reptile Award!
Thanks to you the spiders are no longer a threat to Venoreans.
Date awarded: 01/06/2016
902 out of 286214 players (0.32%) earned this award!
Socialite Award!
You don't let your friends miss you!
Date awarded: 01/11/2015
4068 out of 286214 players (1.42%) earned this award!
Tomb Raider Award!
Ancient tombs in Ankrahmun hide no secrets from you!
Date awarded: 12/11/2015
815 out of 286214 players (0.28%) earned this award!
Treasure Seeker Award!
You know there is something more to be found in dungeons.
Date awarded: 05/12/2015
251 out of 286214 players (0.09%) earned this award!
Yalaharian Award!
You chose your side. The future of Yalahar lies in your hands!
Date awarded: 16/05/2015
4553 out of 286214 players (1.59%) earned this award!
Dragon Slayer Award!
Kill 10000 dragons to get this award!
3446 out of 286214 players (1.2%) earned this award!

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