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Open Battle Arenas can be used by guilds to organize team fights. There are 3 maps available: Thais, Vengoth, and Desert; different game modes and various player limit settings, time limit, and death limit.

Death on arena has the same penalty as death outside of it! Experience, skills, and items will be lost. Blessings and Amulet of Loss still applies, though.

To fight on arena, players should go to "arena lobby", in which game rules will be selected. Lobby teleport can be found near Thais depot buliding.

After entering the lobby, two players from opposing two different guilds should stand on magic entrances do guild rooms. They do not have to be guild leaders, but whoever is selected to stand on the entrance, will be either selecting the game rules or accepting them.

After two leaders are moved to the waiting rooms, other players can follow them and also use entrances to join. You can also enter the arena after the battle is already started, by using the same entrance.

One of the players will be selected (randomly) to choose game rules. Other will be able to accept or refuse them. If they choose to accept, battle will begin and all players will be teleported to the battle arena.

The following player limit options can be selected:
- 5 vs 5
- 15 vs 15
- 30 vs 30
- no limit

- Thais
- Yalahar
- Carlin
- Venore
- Desert
- Vengoth

Death limits and time limits:
- 30 minutes, no death limit
- 60 minutes, no death limit
- 30 deaths, 30 minutes
- 50 deaths, 30 minutes
- 100 deaths, 60 minutes

And the following game modes:
- No limits
- No Ulimate Explosion spells (UE)
- No Ultimate Explosions (UE), Beams, or Waves
- Only SD runes, non-aggressive spells, and Magic Wall/Wild Growth
- Only HMM runes, non-aggressive spells, and Magic Wall/Wild Growth

The second leader can accept or ignore the rules. After they click "Accept", players will be teleported to the arena and the battle will start.

The battle ends after death limit is hit or time limit is exceeded. If one of the team gets wiped, the battle will end after 3 minutes, unless one of the wiped team's players enters the arena back. To join back, entrance in the lobby should be used (red or blue square).

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