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On our server we have launched an innovative castle war system. You can find two big castles on our map - Windsor Castle north from Carlin and Warwick Castle north from Ankrahmun. Castles can only be owned by the most powerful guilds on the server. The battle is performed twice a week - on Wednesdays and Fridays. Exact schedule can be found here. To win a castle you must destroy a statue inside of it which is called Emperium. A guild dealing the most damage to Emperium takes over a castle. From now on the guild's task is to defend the statue and keep the castle. The battle lasts exactly 2 hours!

What profits come from owning a castle? The biggest one of them is ability to use NPC Waraper's services who teleports players for money to various places on the map. One of these places is Collapsed Mansion - a large fury spawn available only for castle owners.

Additional informations:
- Only guilds with at least 5 members who have minimum 50 level can participate in castle war event.
- You don't lose any items or experience while dying (inside the castle) during the castle event!
- NPC Warper can teleport you to one of a few locations. In order to be able to use his service you must unlock teleport routes to certain places for money. After paying a fee, Warper will be teleporting all guild members to unlocked places for free.
- The castle gets retaken with all items laying inside of it and with the Warper. If a certain teleport route is currently paid and the castle has been retaken - you don't have to pay for it again!
- Guild which owns a castle receives 25,000 gold tribute money daily.
- Access to a castle is granted only to guild members of the owning guild

Where exactly does NPC Warper teleport?
- Collapsed Mansion - a unique place accessible exclusively for castle owners. It contains a lot of Furies and a mini-boss - Ratha.
- Cyclopolis
- Demona
- Okolnir
- Orc Fortress
- Hellgate

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