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Engran is an island of secret places. You will find here over 30 hidden places, several quests and a lot of hunting spots. Prepare some tools for your adventure and have your eyes wide open! You will not regret it!

It is also a home island for Head Hunters faction. If you are interested in them you should visit north-east part of the island and talk to NPC Vithar.

  • 1. Ship
  • 2. Magic shop
  • 3. Furniture
  • 4. Food
  • 5. Equipment
  • 6. Distance & melee weapons
  • 7. Depo, bank, post office
  • 8. Merchant spots
  • 9. Temple

  • 1. rotworms, carrion worms
  • 2. all kinds of cyclopses
  • 3. bandits, smugglers, hunters, poachers, bonelords, souleaters, phantasms
  • 4. water elementals, massive water elementals, sea serpents, dragon lord hatchlings, dragon lords
  • 5. stone golems, behemoths
  • 6. slimes, bog raiders, hydras, medusas
  • 7. ghouls, demon skeletons, vampires, banshees, nightmares, nightmare scions, grim reapers
  • 8. undead mine workers, damaged worker golems, worker golems, war golems
  • 9. pirate marauders, pirate cutthroats, pirate bucaneers, pirate corsairs, pirate ghosts
  • 10. ghouls, demon skeletons, elder bonelords, undead dragons
  • 11. dragons, dragon hatchlings, dragon lords, dragon lord hatchlings
  • 12. rotworms, stone golems, destroyers
  • 13. wolves, stone golems, wyrms
  • 14. snakes, scorpions, slimes, bog raiders, serpent spawns

A - Entrance to restricted area of Birrick Castle
  • A1. undead mine workers, fire elementals, hellspawns
  • A2. bonelords, bonebeasts, furies
  • A3. mad scientists, warlocks
  • A4. skeletons, skeleton warriors, ghouls, vampires, nightmare scions, nightmares
  • A5. fire elementals, massive fire elementals, hellfire fighters, demons

* To enter Birrick Castle you have to get at least Mercenary Rank in Head Hunters Faction!

B - Entrance to restricted area of Sylvan Castle
  • B1. bonelords, stone golems, behemoths
  • B2. dragons, dragon hatchlings, dragon lords, dragon lord hatchlings
  • B3. bats, nightmare scions, nightmares, grim reapers
  • B4. cobras, slimes, bog raiders, hydras, serpent spawns

* To enter Sylvan Castle you have to get at least 30 achievements on Hexera World!
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