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Main quests on
A Father's Burden Quest 0
Alawar's Vault Quest 0
Ancient Tombs Quest 75
Annihilator Quest 100
Barbarian Arena Quest 0
Behemoth Quest 80
Bigfoot's Burden Quest (Gnome Quest) 80
Black Knight Quest 50
Dark Trails Quest
(not available yet)
150+ ---
Deeper Fibula Quest 50
Demon Oak Quest 120
Demon Helmet Quest 100
Desert Dungeon Quest 20
Dreamer's Challenge Quest 0
Dream Warden Outfits Quest
(not available yet)
250 ---
Elemental Spheres Quest 80
Gravedigger of Drefia
Fire Axe Quest 60
Hidden City of Beregar Quest
(Firewalker Boots, Dwarven Legs etc.)
Hot Cuisine Quest (Jean Pierre Cooking Quest) 150
Hunting for Tokens 0
The Inquisition Quest 100
Killing in the Name of... Quest 0
Kissing a pig Quest 0
Koshei The Deathless Quest 40
Liquid Black Quest 0
Lions Rock Quest 70
Mad Mage Room Quest 40
Oramond Quest
Rathleton Tasks
Paradox Tower Quest 30
Pits of Inferno Quest 80
Postman Missions Quest 0
Rottin Wood and the Married Men Questt 0
Roshamuul Quest
Umbral Items
Sam's Old Backpack Quest 40
Sea of light Quest 0
Secret Service Quest 50
Spike Tasks Quest 0
The Blessed Stake Quest 0
War against the Hive 0
Wrath of the Emperor Quest 80
Queen of the Banshees Quest 60

World Changes on Hexera
When Wyda is bored you can bring her Blood Herbs and you have the chance to get a Torn Teddy.
The Deeplings world change is a world change based in Fiehonja. The world change has 3 stages, the default being stage 1 where very little of Fiehonja is accessible, and stage 3 bringing access to the entire area and bosses.
Demon Wars
Below Edron, two Demon races, the Shaburak Demons and the Askarak Demons, are waging war against each other since ages and for reasons long forgotten.
Down the Drain
A new island south from Outlaw Camp becomes accessible containing a spawn of 11 Water Elementals.
Fire from the earth
The Hellgore volcano erupts on Goroma.
Fury Gates
Gates to Fury Dungeon appears randomly close to the towns. This is the dungeon where you can find unique creature Dragongling and Furyosa boss.
Hive Outpost Mini World Change
The Hive Born have established an outpost on Vandura.
Horse Station
Stable horses can be rented, but sometimes they escape to roam with wild horses and must be rounded up.
Somebody is illegally cutting trees in the forests north of Carlin and Queen Eloise is not amused.
Mawhawk's Lair
Mawhawk's Lair is small area acessed from north-eastern part of Guzzlemaw Valley. It's home to Mawhawk. The entrance appears as a world change after completing required amount of desecrating shrines task.
Nightmare Isles World Change
A teleporter leading to Nightmare Isles has been revealed by a sandstorm.
Nomads Mini World Change
Nomads travel through the desert and set up camp in various places.
Overhunting World Change
A fine balance lies between the lives of the White Deer of Ab'Dendriel's forest and the Wolves.
Oriental Trader (Yasir)
A trader comes to one of the ports to trade.
Poacher Caves Mini World Change
There are three variations possible of the caves near Green Claw Swamp..
Something made a group of Elephants terrified in the jungle.
Swamp Fever World Change
The easily treatable swamp fever afflicts only the poorest of Venore, but the cure can be found nearby. Bring Medicine Pouches to Ottokar to stop the swamp fever in Venore.
Spider Nest Mini World Change
A huge spider appears near a Venore.
Spirit Grounds
The Spirit Grounds are 3 undead hunting grounds. Every day there is one portal to the random spirit grounds, located in either Darashia, Vengoth, or Ghostlands.
The Mage's Tower World Change
A mage in Zao has created a portal to another dimension, which can only remain open while he is alive.
The Mummy's Curse World Change (Horestis Tomb)
A pharoah resides in his tomb, but can be awakened again.
Their Master's Voice World Change (Servants)
A mad mage built a tower in Edron to conduct experiments.
Warpath Mini World Change
A travelling camp of orcs appears on the mainland of tibia.

Tibia Tales quests on
Against the Spider Cult Quest 40?
An Interest In Botany Quest 0
Koshei The Deathless Quest 0
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest 0
Steal From Thieves Quest 0
The Exterminator Quest 0
The Ultimate Booze Quest 0
To Blind the Enemy Quest 0
To Outfox a Fox Quest 0
Tower Defence Quest 0

On Hexera there are over 200 Quest Boxes on the map! Almost all quests come with a Quest Log so if you get lost, don't forget to check out your questlog! Full list of Tibia quests (almost all are added on Hexera) is available here.
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