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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Aliance Brasil

The guild was found on Hexera on March 25 2017.
It is led by Mr Psycho.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Mr Psycho 211 Master Sorcerer
Vice-Leader Settle Down Sir 219 Master Sorcerer
Member Digo 124 Royal Paladin
Manoh 178 Elder Druid
Manoh Digo 158 Elite Knight
Yonen Prototype 184 Master Sorcerer
Xisk 276 Elite Knight
Jumper 157 Royal Paladin
Xerxers 254 Elite Knight
Fael Betowz 182 Elite Knight
Knight Tormenta (Neggo Ramo!) 314 Elite Knight
Nilkky 224 Elder Druid
Order Demolay 277 Elite Knight
Guigo Oblivion 182 Elder Druid
Nick Zika 131 Knight
Kendrick Control 191 Elder Druid
Macumba Do Norte 117 Elder Druid
Jaqueline 187 Elder Druid
Lord Metanfetamina 192 Elite Knight
Boris Eschaloviski 208 Elite Knight
Captain Archer 193 Royal Paladin
Everething The Dark 135 Master Sorcerer
Mina Da Frechada ((VRAUU)) 175 Royal Paladin
Layons 127 Elder Druid
Socer Blackk 153 Master Sorcerer
Extelar 138 Royal Paladin
Tripida Returns 150 Elite Knight
Injeckt Zikvirus 102 Master Sorcerer
Mina Do Arco 102 Paladin
Paralisa 127 Elder Druid
Mateuz Mortz 201 Master Sorcerer
Double Flip 151 Royal Paladin
Dudu Fallassion 163 Elite Knight
Lycansera 126 Elite Knight

Number of Members in Guild:34
Number of online Members in Guild:0
Average level in Guild:177
Highest level in Guild: Knight Tormenta [314]
Lowest level in Guild: Injeckt Zikvirus [102]
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