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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Good Fellas

We are a strong guild, that help ea if it's any problems. Our goal is to kill, have fun And Take Dominando!! Feel free too join! Msg Blue Barry Haze if u want to join! HAIL SWEDEN

The guild was found on Hexera on August 15 2015.
It is led by Shadow Boy.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Shadow Boy (The boy) 187 Elite Knight
Killers Royalny 181 Elite Knight
Uber Knight 161 Elite Knight
Saladin Rage 191 Elite Knight
Mad Mike 163 Knight
Kundtjanst 182 Elite Knight
CrossBowkiller Geezys 187 Royal Paladin
Dragony Frost 185 Royal Paladin
Mage Power Captain Paralyzer 121 Master Sorcerer
Jan Owe Tonkansson 199 Master Sorcerer
Evert Taube 175 Master Sorcerer

Number of Members in Guild:11
Number of online Members in Guild:0
Average level in Guild:176
Highest level in Guild: Jan Owe Tonkansson [199]
Lowest level in Guild: Captain Paralyzer [121]
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