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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Latin Family

Hola! Sean bienvenidos a la guild de gente hispana Latin Family. Para comunicarnos entre todos, Usar el Guild chanel! Miembros del guild, para sugerencias, arreglos de quests o necesidades propias por favor,Mandar carta inbox a lo old school :)!

The guild was found on Hexera on June 28 2017.
It is led by Juanetes Arg.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Juanetes Arg 201 Elite Knight
Halcos 207 Master Sorcerer
Teniente Laureline 234 Elder Druid
Member Abusa Madres 188 Master Sorcerer
Elder Bogi 175 Elder Druid
Robiiro 201 Elite Knight
Awesome Sokazz 237 Elder Druid
Geryxxx 178 Master Sorcerer
Rata De Piso 131 Master Sorcerer
Sniper'Shadow 151 Royal Paladin
Archer Minth 145 Royal Paladin
Kamil Medyk 198 Elder Druid
Cristhiarly Zofia 125 Elite Knight
Erian Revive 195 Elite Knight
Zimeck Aka Rush 181 Royal Paladin
Evil Natsu 157 Master Sorcerer
Hawest 40 Master Sorcerer
Experium 143 Knight
Druid Stark 191 Elder Druid
Kung Kang 172 Royal Paladin
Victoryna 158 Master Sorcerer
Royal Scream 210 Royal Paladin
Rozaito Ligar 110 Elder Druid
Leando Romagnoli 176 Master Sorcerer
Vand Thar 127 Royal Paladin
Konok 150 Master Sorcerer
Exilon 217 Elite Knight
Andrexen 181 Elder Druid
Abi (El Gilipollas) 177 Elder Druid
Rusell 271 Royal Paladin
History 187 Master Sorcerer
Juanther Of Argentina 162 Knight
Sra Weed'Porret 257 Master Sorcerer
Rompeojetes 265 Elite Knight
Darkestdead 241 Royal Paladin
Hamunzen 174 Elite Knight
Felagun 185 Elite Knight
Palofeo 191 Elite Knight
Jonypty 131 Druid
The Wind 175 Elder Druid
Settar Granico 89 Elite Knight
Settar Paralyzer 72 Elder Druid
Englishman 166 Elder Druid
Revenath 214 Elite Knight
Pato Flen 130 Elder Druid
Royal Thorn 140 Royal Paladin
Cowco Rp 200 Royal Paladin
Elder Clay 157 Elder Druid
Ladie Soul 145 Paladin
Plac Gat 150 Elite Knight
Amidamaruk 112 Sorcerer
Stone Vader 167 Master Sorcerer
Soldado Ezzom 127 Master Sorcerer
Vzl Stylez 199 Elder Druid
Okrutniks 136 Royal Paladin
Warpozt Mortem 234 Elite Knight
Elite Mostro 170 Elite Knight
General Bogi 216 Royal Paladin
Ninja Palidinno 173 Royal Paladin
Cabo Naming 191 Elite Knight
Sargento Pith Gara ((Venezuela Por Siempre)) 229 Elite Knight

1. Big Demonio 180 Royal Paladin
2. Fraangrwrx 182 Royal Paladin
3. Mage Joe 227 Master Sorcerer
4. Tulo Renes 241 Royal Paladin
5. Min 182 Royal Paladin
6. Grifo Hero 46 Druid
7. Druidokaa 177 Druid
8. Docrates 190 Master Sorcerer

Number of Members in Guild:61
Number of online Members in Guild:0
Average level in Guild:174
Highest level in Guild: Rusell [271]
Lowest level in Guild: Hawest [40]
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