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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Nightmare knights

A sword was born from will; it held the power of change, destiny, and hope. the Holy Blade Excalibug, was entrusted to the Nightmare Knights. The order was formed by those who saw the schemes of evil in their dreams. A final prophecy was given before their end: when the forces of darkness. consume the land, the Knights will ride once more under a new banner. We are that new banner.

The guild was found on Hexera on August 10 2015.
It is led by General Graardor.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Lord Protector Artarian (Oldschool Julera) 193 Royal Paladin
Inukaya Knight (mito) 174 Elite Knight
General Graardor (The Barbarian) 149 Elite Knight
Rod Kina 199 Elite Knight
Dreamer Jaybow 220 Elder Druid
Jhony Kyo (lion heart) 165 Elite Knight
in Review Crowbar 96 Elite Knight
Matematicohaha (the devil) 96 Royal Paladin
The Memphiz 63 Elder Druid
Grizzly Adams (Paw and Fur) 89 Druid
Almirantetk 91 Master Sorcerer
Aqua Hero 126 Elite Knight
Paladino Carioca 81 Royal Paladin
Minya 96 Paladin
Matheus Costa 117 Elite Knight
Pally Explosion 92 Royal Paladin
Apocalipsy 50 Royal Paladin
Warlock Legendary Soldier 106 Master Sorcerer
Andy Crusher 194 Master Sorcerer
Marksman Thil (steady hands) 124 Royal Paladin
Felipinho 143 Royal Paladin
Killatop 149 Royal Paladin
Warrior Denax 120 Elite Knight
Melancia 140 Elite Knight
Gin Freaks (Passa agua na planta) 192 Elite Knight
Witzor 196 Elite Knight
Obede Edon 157 Elite Knight
Karbas 154 Elite Knight
Xxts 122 Elite Knight
Shaman Witzer 193 Elder Druid
Raadagast 131 Elder Druid
Member Infernallit Night 94 Druid
Inactive Khazen Druid (Fast Hands) 123 Elder Druid

1. Chapado 154 Elder Druid
2. Faleto 178 Elite Knight
3. Passa O Saco 194 Elite Knight
4. Invokeishown 175 Elder Druid
5. Vinte E Dois 110 Elite Knight
6. Maria Fernanda 125 Elite Knight
7. Elcapata 123 Royal Paladin
8. Asafe 93 Sorcerer
9. Pomba Branca 49 Druid
10. Demonio Vermelho 107 Master Sorcerer
11. Soul Da Loko 141 Elder Druid

Number of Members in Guild:33
Number of online Members in Guild:0
Average level in Guild:134
Highest level in Guild: Jaybow [220]
Lowest level in Guild: Apocalipsy [50]
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