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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Pakuj Walize

The guild was found on Hexera on February 23 2017.
It is led by Wyjdz.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Pakowacz Wyjdz (XD) 204 Master Sorcerer
Pakowaczyk Pan Darek 201 Master Sorcerer
Member Swieszdzonczy Bzdzionk 381 Elite Knight
Volderius 219 Elite Knight
Pepis 164 Druid
Pepi Del'Toro 184 Royal Paladin
Karli 206 Master Sorcerer
Corigi Satok 242 Master Sorcerer
Magicarp 192 Elite Knight
Fifti Cent 288 Elite Knight
Water Eiemental 162 Sorcerer
Dragnot 258 Sorcerer
Callis 86 Knight
Sugino 271 Master Sorcerer
Fana 235 Elder Druid
Edd Sheeran 164 Royal Paladin
Krysia Hehe 190 Master Sorcerer
Krysia Hehee 196 Master Sorcerer
Sillianan 227 Paladin
Zona Kanclerza Rzeszy 179 Elder Druid
Reichskanzler 192 Elder Druid
Adelaro 180 Sorcerer
Psiajucha 173 Master Sorcerer
Przemek Lesny Partyzant 143 Sorcerer

Number of Members in Guild:24
Number of online Members in Guild:0
Average level in Guild:206
Highest level in Guild: Swieszdzonczy Bzdzionk [381]
Lowest level in Guild: Callis [86]
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