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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Team Lazaro

The guild was found on Hexera on July 10 2016.
It is led by Alejandro Sky.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Alejandro Sky (Mi Barrio Me Respalda;)) 182 Elite Knight
Vice-Leader Victorito Amateur 159 Royal Paladin
Member Spectra 153 Elite Knight
Elder Paralizer 90 Druid
Lord Dran 164 Elder Druid
Xdemien 152 Elite Knight
Elite Kike 108 Elite Knight
Goten Paladin 183 Royal Paladin
Mike Wasausky 145 Elite Knight
Rorrita 213 Elite Knight
Starkiller 82 Elite Knight
Freedooh 64 Elder Druid
La Zaga 140 Elite Knight
Dantirus 125 Elite Knight
Likidelvambo 174 Sorcerer
Drunkermann 213 Elite Knight
Miguel Infernal 113 Druid
Suma Vectorial 125 Elite Knight
Muertte Pox 174 Master Sorcerer
El Mejor 73 Elder Druid
Glomy 99 Sorcerer
Demonio Sabio 61 Elite Knight
Buterfly 87 Master Sorcerer

1. Golden Axe 108 Elite Knight
2. Lokomemos 105 Sorcerer

Number of Members in Guild:23
Number of online Members in Guild:0
Average level in Guild:134
Highest level in Guild: Rorrita [213]
Lowest level in Guild: Demonio Sabio [61]
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