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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Trabalenguas Surviving

The guild was found on Hexera on April 28 2018.
It is led by Oxygensz K'Amikaze.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Impact 523 Master Sorcerer
Oxygensz K'Amikaze 711 Royal Paladin
Immortal 556 Master Sorcerer
Co'Leader Almighty Charly 454 Elder Druid
Shakka K'Amikaze 487 Royal Paladin
Gasper Ch'S 493 Elder Druid
Rising 'Phoenix (Robert) 450 Elder Druid
El Desco (Kamikaze) 388 Master Sorcerer
Member Hi'Juw 338 Master Sorcerer
Jandrak 'Famous 441 Royal Paladin
Elder Druid Khainz 369 Elder Druid
Andres 318 Elder Druid
Lockeed With Hungry 212 Elder Druid
Fer 264 Elder Druid
Cross'Yelium 327 Elder Druid
Celula Q'Explota 320 Elder Druid
Honkiing 288 Elder Druid
Hunx 296 Elder Druid
Retard Carniphila 302 Elder Druid
Neon Prock 249 Elder Druid
Dementee 452 Elder Druid
Kluddex' Mythwar 309 Elder Druid
Ednerys 269 Elder Druid
Grass Squad 224 Elder Druid
Master Sorcerer Quizfor Woelzky 431 Master Sorcerer
Andres K'Amikaze 683 Master Sorcerer
Chocoloo 399 Master Sorcerer
Katetap 356 Master Sorcerer
Arrogante Dominacja 291 Master Sorcerer
Tu Madre 340 Master Sorcerer
Liiibby Dee 156 Master Sorcerer
Varnes 274 Master Sorcerer
Odarizh Sky 228 Master Sorcerer
Il Diavolo 225 Master Sorcerer
Dientes K'Amikaze 358 Master Sorcerer
Dientech K'Amikaze 462 Master Sorcerer
Prototipo 402 Master Sorcerer
Zoda Hted 440 Master Sorcerer
Invisible' Verssase 269 Master Sorcerer
Chan Li 283 Master Sorcerer
Javi Sky 392 Master Sorcerer
Assassin Dee 223 Master Sorcerer
Royal Paladin Stylo 484 Royal Paladin
Gost 222 Royal Paladin
The Winchester Brothers 502 Royal Paladin
Big Caguama'So Cold 563 Royal Paladin
Fenryr 372 Royal Paladin
Pipi Rp 347 Royal Paladin
Sirius'Black 325 Royal Paladin
Ethan Will Return 365 Royal Paladin
Seven Again 239 Royal Paladin
Atomovva Kremovvka 317 Royal Paladin
Turiru 310 Royal Paladin
Destroyer The Father 381 Royal Paladin
Furyoza 140 Royal Paladin
El Vergero 350 Royal Paladin
Kepacz 529 Royal Paladin
Etain 123 Royal Paladin
Paul' Mccartney 375 Royal Paladin
Elite Knight Kimber Legend (Robert) 459 Elite Knight
Elite Sammorak 466 Elite Knight
Destroyer Iis Back 350 Elite Knight
Arturo Prat 386 Elite Knight
Aquyles 379 Elite Knight
Liibby Dee 357 Elite Knight
Valyphus 482 Elite Knight
Dou Wolf 368 Elite Knight
Mr Mosh 473 Elite Knight
The K'Amikaze 330 Elite Knight
Wacly 380 Elite Knight
Lordoc 239 Elite Knight
Princess Victoria 437 Elite Knight

1. Thunderstruck 294 Master Sorcerer

Number of Members in Guild:72
Number of online Members in Guild:4
Average level in Guild:365
Highest level in Guild: Oxygensz K'Amikaze [711]
Lowest level in Guild: Etain [123]
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