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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Trabalenguas Surviving

The guild was found on Hexera on April 28 2018.
It is led by Andreesz.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Impact 527 Master Sorcerer
Andreesz 744 Royal Paladin
Co'Leader Shakka K'Amikaze 490 Royal Paladin
Gasper Ch'S 514 Elder Druid
Rising 'Phoenix (Robert) 448 Elder Druid
El Desco (Kamikaze) 391 Master Sorcerer
Elder Druid Khainz 365 Elder Druid
Andres 370 Elder Druid
Cross'Yelium 327 Elder Druid
Celula Q'Explota 317 Elder Druid
Honkiing 292 Elder Druid
Monigote 441 Elder Druid
Jandrak Paralyza 410 Elder Druid
Dementee 452 Elder Druid
Kluddex' Mythwar 308 Elder Druid
Jandraksz 240 Elder Druid
Master Sorcerer Monigote Two 428 Master Sorcerer
Chocoloo 398 Master Sorcerer
Kelnoth 328 Master Sorcerer
Lsd Acido Trip 458 Master Sorcerer
Prototipo 402 Master Sorcerer
Javi Sky 425 Master Sorcerer
Jijijijijiji 449 Master Sorcerer
Harry' Houdini 538 Master Sorcerer
Royal Paladin Stylo 483 Royal Paladin
Andriy Shevchenk'O 502 Royal Paladin
Ak Danii'S 302 Royal Paladin
Ethan Will Return 366 Royal Paladin
Elite Knight Kimber Legend (Robert) 459 Elite Knight
Destroyer Iis Back 349 Elite Knight
The K'Amikaze 319 Elite Knight
Wacly 376 Elite Knight

1. Old Mana Rune 529 Elder Druid
2. Zoda Hted 464 Master Sorcerer
3. Shizehe 459 Master Sorcerer

Number of Members in Guild:32
Number of online Members in Guild:3
Average level in Guild:413
Highest level in Guild: Andreesz [744]
Lowest level in Guild: Jandraksz [240]
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