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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100

Guild - Trocadero

The guild was found on Hexera on November 25 2018.
It is led by Lykan Hypersport.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Magic Flawless 461 Elder Druid
Lykan Hypersport 357 Elite Knight
Vice-Leader King Falass 529 Master Sorcerer
Golden Coin 401 Elite Knight
Magical Dioxide 451 Elder Druid
Member Yung Mental Issues 559 Elder Druid
Celestea 490 Elder Druid
Sneasly 605 Master Sorcerer
Mente Brillante 324 Elder Druid
Damikzz 660 Royal Paladin
Sten'Tung 375 Master Sorcerer
A Lee X 271 Elder Druid
Flawless 453 Elite Knight
Lauders 433 Elder Druid
Aravethiel 258 Elder Druid
Ammar Name It 378 Elder Druid
Mrs Niki 382 Elder Druid
Astrid 356 Royal Paladin
Eyes'Set To Kill 284 Elder Druid
Sneakyy 718 Master Sorcerer
Sunlover 305 Elder Druid
Relentless Rex 394 Master Sorcerer
Ak'Astudill 596 Master Sorcerer
Emir Instagram Model 360 Elite Knight
Dr Reku Full'Headshot 640 Master Sorcerer
Violence Solves Problems 475 Elder Druid
Druid Faalas 430 Elder Druid
Tyczek Antibot 392 Master Sorcerer
Pox Paladinen 421 Master Sorcerer
Mozani Frontliner 479 Elite Knight
Eduardo Gonzalo 589 Master Sorcerer
Beck Lyon Ii 572 Elite Knight
Massetard 580 Elite Knight
Unkillable Bubexel 579 Elder Druid
Matka Pijaczka 452 Elite Knight
Lady Hawk 490 Royal Paladin
Ostatnia Dzie'Wica 303 Elder Druid
Cabronello Bonaparte 444 Master Sorcerer
Fighterr 558 Master Sorcerer
Taco Bell Manager 413 Elder Druid
Lawman 338 Master Sorcerer
Agapios 802 Royal Paladin
Astex 462 Elder Druid
Shia'T Ali 369 Master Sorcerer
Krysztalowe Oczy 590 Royal Paladin
Tyrannical Sasyia 325 Elder Druid
Sumerya 403 Elder Druid
Noczny Recepcjonista 624 Royal Paladin
Markowsky Kot 465 Elder Druid
Teamox 381 Master Sorcerer
Stooleyka 459 Royal Paladin
Wystarczajace Doswiadczenie 311 Royal Paladin
Diggory 282 Master Sorcerer
Ammar On Four 473 Elite Knight
Yung Criminal Activities 723 Elder Druid
Blackie 468 Royal Paladin
Znalazlem Zapalniczke 455 Master Sorcerer
Gakerd 361 Master Sorcerer
Kiing Kondzio 611 Elder Druid
Atomicmasse 361 Master Sorcerer
Max Verstappen 458 Master Sorcerer
Full Bussiness God 311 Master Sorcerer
Szybki Knight 473 Elite Knight
Nympha 349 Master Sorcerer
Gaz Na Trzy 424 Elder Druid
Amazonski 341 Master Sorcerer
Jandraksz Lovwar 424 Elder Druid
Ultra Niebezpieczny 385 Elder Druid
Bezkarny Bog Sasyia 477 Elder Druid
Inu'Scripts 537 Master Sorcerer
Essa 'Full Romantico 607 Master Sorcerer
Cuchu'Fleta 429 Elder Druid
Kresus 368 Master Sorcerer
Don Denino 474 Elder Druid
Danny Trio 420 Master Sorcerer
Bosky 534 Elder Druid
James Borrachero Harden 508 Master Sorcerer
King Hyidbryzlijyum Lil 391 Elder Druid
Krol Sanjaya Z'Lehji 358 Master Sorcerer
Merryk 501 Master Sorcerer
Extassis 301 Elder Druid
M'Sik 299 Elder Druid
Unfriendly' Rozdupczee 498 Elder Druid
Pan'Bulka 397 Elder Druid
Mike Dobre 411 Elder Druid
Madle 255 Master Sorcerer
King Kapsik 282 Master Sorcerer
Rzolniers 470 Elder Druid
Ice Boo 286 Elder Druid
Two Chains 248 Elder Druid
Zuxos 433 Master Sorcerer
Yours 219 Elder Druid
Podnietka 275 Master Sorcerer

1. Raylvanda 784 Elite Knight

Number of Members in Guild:93
Number of online Members in Guild:4
Average level in Guild:437
Highest level in Guild: Agapios [802]
Lowest level in Guild: Yours [219]
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