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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexera 10.100
Character Information
Name: Japonski Chinczyk
Sex: Male
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 637
Residence: Engran
Last login: 16.01.2019, 10:32 am
Created: 7.05.2015, 9:40 pm

Last Experience
DateExperienceReal Experience
18/01 7:00 - 19/01 7:00 0 exp. ---
17/01 7:00 - 18/01 7:00 0 exp. ---
16/01 7:00 - 17/01 7:00 0 exp. ---
15/01 7:00 - 16/01 7:00 0 exp. ---
14/01 7:00 - 15/01 7:00 0 exp. ---
13/01 7:00 - 14/01 7:00 0 exp. ---
12/01 7:00 - 13/01 7:00 0 exp. ---
rexp - it shows experience unmultiplied by exp rate (it is like killing monsters with 1x multiplier)

Character Deaths
January 8, 2019, 7:05 pm Japonski Chinczyk died on level 638 by Gama Pornstar, fire elemental of Inu'Scripts, fire elemental of Fighterr, fire elemental of Jordienp, fire elemental of Gaz Na'Trzy and Gawolek.
January 8, 2019, 8:25 am Japonski Chinczyk died on level 639 by undead dragon.
January 7, 2019, 11:31 pm Japonski Chinczyk died on level 641 by Ghastly Dragon, Fighterr, Bosky, Dikke Mitch, Aravethiel, Royal Of Hexerea, Ghastly Dragon, undead dragon, Draken Abomination, Draken Abomination, Draken Abomination, Ghastly Dragon, Ghastly Dragon, Ghastly Dragon and Draken Abomination.
January 3, 2019, 1:51 am Japonski Chinczyk died on level 641 by undead dragon, Gama Pornstar, Kiing Kondzio, Get Dazed, undead dragon, Astex and Ghastly Dragon.
January 2, 2019, 10:21 pm Japonski Chinczyk died on level 643 by Kayman Hazardzista, fire elemental of Detro, Splifftus, Royal Of Hexerea, fire elemental of Blayzeit, Zamiatacz Pekerow, Get Dazed and Eugeniusz Trabka.
November 29, 2018, 10:57 pm Japonski Chinczyk died on level 640 by Desco Incorregible, Fiden, Lady Hawk, German Emperor, Almighty' Charly, Relentless Rex, Mrs Niki, Draken Abomination, Nympha and Dr Reku Full'Headshot.
November 29, 2018, 7:46 pm Japonski Chinczyk died on level 642 by Druid Faalas, Exiva Andy, Pox Paladinen, fire devil of Dr Reku Full'Headshot, German Emperor, Nympha, Lady Hawk and Astex.
November 29, 2018, 3:13 am Japonski Chinczyk died on level 644 by Kradne Kwiatki, Markowsky Kot, Unstoppable' Whiisper, Blaskarn, Lady Hawk, Mrs Niki and Rasmus Enraged.

Player quests done (all): 17.46%
Player MAIN quests done: 18.96%
Other quests done: 6.78%
Achievements done: 8/55
Engran secrets revealed: 0/31
Quests informations are updated every 3 hours

Main Quests - Detailed informations
Dreamer's Challange rank: Novice
Faction rank: no rank
Postman rank: no rank
Gnomegate rank: no rank
Fame in The Spike: 0
Greenhorn ArenaUnfinished
Scrapper ArenaUnfinished
Warlord ArenaFinished
Banshee QuestFinished
Behemoth QuestFinished
Black Knight QuestFinished
Bright Sword QuestUnfinished
Crystal Wand QuestUnfinished
Deeper Fibula QuestUnfinished
Demon Helmet QuestFinished
Demon Oak QuestUnfinished
Desert QuestUnfinished
Double Hero QuestUnfinished
Dreamer's ChallengeUnfinished
Circle Room QuestUnfinished
Dwarven Armor QuestUnfinished
Elemental Spheres QuestUnfinished
Ferumbras Ascendant QuestUnfinished
Fire Axe QuestUnfinished
Firewalker Boots QuestUnfinished
Geomancer QuestUnfinished
Heart of Destruction QuestUnfinished
Inquisition QuestUnfinished
In search of truth (Heliar Quest)Unfinished
In Service Of YalaharUnfinished
Koshei The Deathless QuestUnfinished
Mad Mage QuestUnfinished
Naginata QuestUnfinished
Necromancer QuestFinished
Noble Armor QuestUnfinished
Orc Fortress QuestUnfinished
Paradox TowerUnfinished
Postman QuestUnfinished
Royal RescueUnfinished
Sea of Light QuestUnfinished
The Pits of InfernoUnfinished
Vampire Shield QuestFinished
Wrath of the EmperorUnfinished

Extreme Exhausted Award!
Date awarded: 29/09/2018 05:07
Dragon Slayer Award!
Date awarded: 12/02/2017 10:40
Renewer Award!
Date awarded: 29/01/2017 09:22
Passenger Award!
Date awarded: 02/01/2017 11:33
Draken Hunter Award!
Date awarded: 26/06/2016 01:44
Carnivore Award!
Date awarded: 20/08/2015 23:09
Exhausted Award!
Date awarded: 10/05/2015 09:32
Beginner Award!
Date awarded: 07/05/2015 21:41

Beginner Award!
This is your first badge. Welcome and enjoy your stay on our server!
Date awarded: 07/05/2015
385949 out of 405542 players (95.17%) earned this award!
Carnivore Award!
Your strength obviously didn't grow out of vegetables!
Date awarded: 20/08/2015
13402 out of 405542 players (3.3%) earned this award!
Dragon Slayer Award!
You spread death throughout all dragon caves.
Date awarded: 12/02/2017
6116 out of 405542 players (1.51%) earned this award!
Draken Hunter Award!
You have no mercy for these evil creatures.
Date awarded: 26/06/2016
1432 out of 405542 players (0.35%) earned this award!
Exhausted Award!
You surely know, that magic potions always come in handy.
Date awarded: 10/05/2015
42895 out of 405542 players (10.58%) earned this award!
Extreme Exhausted Award!
You've exhausted yourself into the next millenium
Date awarded: 29/09/2018
117 out of 405542 players (0.03%) earned this award!
Passenger Award!
Walking is not an option for you.
Date awarded: 02/01/2017
8020 out of 405542 players (1.98%) earned this award!
Renewer Award!
You would never let them rot.
Date awarded: 29/01/2017
969 out of 405542 players (0.24%) earned this award!
Gladiator Award!
Kill all opponents in Svargrond Arenas to get this award.
13653 out of 405542 players (3.37%) earned this award!
Broke Award!
Break 500 piggy-banks to get this badge!
939 out of 405542 players (0.23%) earned this award!
Tomb Raider Award!
Finish Ancient Tombs Quest to get this award!
1475 out of 405542 players (0.36%) earned this award!
Archpostman Award!
Finish Postman Quest to get this award!
1890 out of 405542 players (0.47%) earned this award!
Yalaharian Award!
Kill Azerus to get this award!
6867 out of 405542 players (1.69%) earned this award!

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